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Will this rain ever go away?

There are days when we feel the fog will never lift and the "rain" continues to pour down on you. There doesn't seem to be a clear thought in mind, only despair, sleep, restlessness, binge watching, binge eating, back to bed. When is this "rain" going to end, I need to get on with my. life. At some point we recognize the rain stopped, if only for a moment, but long enough to open the door and take a peek outside; smell the freshness of a new day, see the lotus in full bloom, hear the birds singing, seeing the most beautiful, vibrant rainbow stretching its rays across the entire sky, feeling the refreshing cleanse of the past few days of blah! Yesterday's rain is always temporary, so what can you do with today's rainbows?

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Nope, cause it's still here and I HATE THIS HUMIDITY

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13 jul 2023
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You should see it here in Belize, OMG!!!

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