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Gratitude - Half Full

There is something to be said about cup half empty or half full. In my eyes, I would rather say Cookie 1/2 eaten, dang…I am almost done! With that cookie there is no half full, there is almost gone. Why can I do that with a cup and not a cookie? My thought, we sometimes forget to see the gratitude in every situation, because even if it seems as though there is nothing in a bad situation that we can find gratitude, I am confident it is there. I was complaining the other day about my glasses, stating I can’t believe the left lens is scratched. I got laughter from my kid and a comment from the partner that assured me it was as bad as I recognized. The next morning I put those glasses on and said to my partner and son, “I am grateful that only one of my lenses are scratched instead of both.” Gratitude can be found everywhere if we can somehow turn the dialog around, unless it is a cookie…still have to prove that one. Happy Thursday!

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