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Happy Pride Month…and so on…

I want to say that as a country we celebrate many months for minorities. For obvious reasons, this is by far my favorite month! Lol. Though seriously speaking, the mere fact that we commemorate those with barriers is burdensome to me; Black History Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, Pride Month, Women’s History Month, Arab American Month, Asian Pacific, Jewish American, Hispanic History, Native American and finally…wait for it…Disability Awareness Month. WTF! Is this the white privileged giving America back an apology or reminder that we continue as a country to oppress a nearly equal minority population (43.6%) as identified all white population (58.9%)? (

I want to remind all that we are all American with different cultures, ethnicities (different than culture) that represent what this nation once stood for. The only way we can represent ourselves is to make some noise to return us from hate and bigotry. Use your voice, contact your congress people, talk to your neighbor and your churches. Hate is not a religious, color or political issue, it is a learned behavior that affects so many of our populations negatively, continuing to create barriers that have been in place for years. We need more conversations, not to be swayed from our beliefs, rather to understand where they stem from and agree to disagree. No one is saying beliefs, morals and values are wrong, they just can’t be a one size fits all for America. Please recognize the beauty of America was our freedom and democracy. Instead of continuing to complain, let’s begin to be part of the solution to leave America a better place than it is in its current state.

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