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Summertime doesn’t mean to stop your mental health goals…

As the weather gets warmer, we tend to stray away from things that keep us grounded when we are stuck inside. Mental health doesn’t mean show up at an office or to an on-line telehealth appointment. Mental health can be done individually, with friends, with your 4 legged pal. Take opportunities to see mindfulness through your senses; look at cloud formations, breathe in the floral scents, feel the warmth of the sun as it kisses your skin, swelling the bead of water to roll down you back while embracing the sound of the birds as they glee their song through the Arkansas Valley. Set your intentions for the day as you drink your morning coffee on the porch watching the sunrise. Remember we can show gratitude in nature’s beauty, through a warm rain or a heated lightning storm, summer is filled with awe. Enjoy you, stay present, live in the moment, and breathe in the only time of year filled with natures growth and rewards. Give self affirmations of how you shine in this moment and acknowledge the progress you have made. You got this….summer is here.

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