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Cris Menz, LCSW

LotusOm, LLC.

If you have hit a point in your life where you need some assistance in your present, to deal with your past enabling you to move forward to your future, you are not alone.  It is difficult to make sense of many things in our daily lives, much less stressors or patterns of behavior that continue to creep back up on us.  Let me help you extinguish those irrational thoughts, maladaptive behaviors with empathy, compassion and humor so that you can begin to live your best life.  You deserve this. 

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As a passionate and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, my experience allows me to understand the best ways to address each client’s needs in an effective manner. I am flexible in my approach and use collaboration with the client as the basis of my therapy—ensuring a comfortable, safe environment where we can work together to attain your therapeutic goals.  

University of Denver, MSW - 2020

Colorado CSW-09928454

Beach Meditation


Nearly all private insurances accepted; Medicaid, Medicare and Sliding Scale.  Sliding Scale determined by household income.  Please speak to office for more details. No individual will be denied services due to their inability to pay.

Fees: $175 Intake

          $150 Session

          $25 AcuDetox

Other services fees to be determined as necessary.  

Everyone Deserves Equitable Mental Health!


Trauma Therapy

Healing the Pain to Move Forward

You’ll never know your full potential until you give yourself a chance. Trauma Therapy utilizing EMDR, IFS and CBT, is only one way in which we can work together so you can have the peaceful and happy life you’ve always dreamed of. Book today to find out more.


Love is Love

I believe that every single human being has a bit of healing to do. Improving your self-awareness and your outlook of troubling situations are just two of the ways in which therapy can dramatically change your life.  Should you be struggling with LGBTQ+ issues, I am an ally and you are safe hands.

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Patient on Scale

Eating Disorders

Certified Health Coach & Weight Management Specialist 

You are body perfect, though our minds, mirrors and media tell us otherwise.  Let me help you find your body perfect through education, therapeutic intervention and support.   I work with body dysphoria, pre/post bariatric and eating disorders.

Youth Ages 12-20

Confidential Support is Here.

Being an adolescent is difficult.  Did you know that Colorado allows you to seek mental health services without parental consent at age 12?  If you are struggling with your thoughts, emotions and behaviors, let me help you get focused to a better version of yourself.  You are perfect!

Sporty Teens
Traditional Chinese Medicine


A Unique Approach to Healing.

  • AcuDetox eased the cravings for such substances as drugs, alcohol, and nicotine.

  • Acudetox minimized withdrawal symptoms.

  • Acudetox benefits increased feelings of calm or serenity.

  • Those who had AcuDetox reported having better sleep patterns and feeling less agitated.

  • Those who received AcuDetox treatment reported greater relief from stress and emotional trauma.

  • When patients received AcuDetox, counseling was more effective.

  • Patients who had AcuDetox felt inner strength and peace.

  • Acudetox assists in managing behavioral health symptoms.

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Get in Touch

I look forward to meeting you. Together, we will embark on a journey towards a better self and a better life.

408 N Main St. Ste F
Rocky Ford, CO 81067

719-423-8834 Office

719-316-2753 Fax

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